8 People Whose Jobs You’ll Never Want to Do: Ever

So many jobs, so little time. And while we all want to work somewhere that challenges us and allows us to grow as an individual, not everyone is cut out for some roles. Some are just downright creepy, messy, or unclean — not exactly conditions ideal for anyone with an aversion to dirt or wriggling crawly things.

So which professions do you think you would never want to do? Take a look at these 8 people whose jobs you’ll never want to do and see if any of them give you the creeps.

8. Sludge Technician

A sludge technician is someone who collects and analyzes samples of wastewater, sludge, or slurries. It’s an essential task that helps ensure public health and safety. It’s an important job, but it’s one that most people would rather not do.

Imagine spending your days cleaning out wastewater, slurries, or sewage. Every day, you’re dealing with thick, toxic sludge that’s been treated but still poses a risk. You’re collecting samples and determining if the water is safe for people and animals to be around.

You might wear a protective suit, gloves, and boots, but the work is still pretty messy. If you don’t have the stomach for it, a sludge technician is not the job for you.

7. Council Hunter

A council hunter is someone who searches for items that can be recycled and brings them to a recycling center. That sounds relatively harmless, but it’s not every day that you come across items that have been contaminated by urine, feces, or even human remains.

It’s a job that requires you to look through people’s trash to find items that can be recycled, so you could come across some pretty gross things.

Imagine coming across a bag of trash with human remains inside. That’s a situation you might run into as a council hunter. After all, you can’t just throw away everything that’s been contaminated by urine or feces. It’s a messy job that’s not for everyone.

6. Septic Tank Repairer

A septic tank repairer repairs or cleans septic tanks. The work is essential — it keeps the environment clean and protects public health. But who wants to spend their days cleaning out septic tanks? Not many people. Septic tanks are not clean and sanitary places. They’re filled with sludge and other waste that would make even the most seasoned professionals cringe.

You could wear protective gear, but there’s no escaping the fact that you’re going to be getting very dirty. Not only is it a messy job, but it’s also not a very safe one. The job requires you to enter confined spaces, where you could fall and injure yourself. There’s also the risk of working with heavy machinery, which could also cause an injury.

5. Sewer Inspector

A sewer inspector checks the condition of sewers. This is an important job, but it’s one that many would never want to do. You’ll be working in confined spaces and entering confined spaces when necessary. You’ll also have to wear protective gear, like a respirator, to protect yourself from harmful gases and bacteria. Working in sewers can be dangerous, so you’ll have regular safety training sessions and must be careful. You’ll have to be okay with being in a confined space for long periods of time. You may also have to work in awkward positions, so you need to be comfortable doing that.

4. Corpse Washer

A corpse washer is someone who washes and prepares bodies for burial. The job is essential, but it’s one that most people would not want to do. You may have seen the movie Silence of the Lambs and imagined how terrifying it would be to be inside an interview with Lecter. Well, imagine doing it with a corpse. You would have to wash the corpse to prepare it for burial and would need to be comfortable with the fact that it would almost definitely be decayed. You may even have to cut off the limbs in order to make the body fit into the coffin. You’ll be dealing with lots of bacteria and bacteria-causing diseases. You’ll be in close quarters with the corpse and would have to wear gloves and other protective clothing.

3. Drain Snipe

A drain snipe is someone who uses a tool called a drain snake or drain auger to clean blocked drains. This is a job that you would expect to be done by professionals, but it’s not uncommon for people to do it themselves.

Drain snakes can get incredibly dirty and have been known to jam or break. You may have experienced it yourself. It’s not a job that most people want to do, but it is essential. It’s necessary to clear the blocked drains in your home so that your water system isn’t affected by the clog.

You may use a drain snake made of metal or a flexible cable to clear the clog. You may also have to cut a hole in the floor or wall. This can be very dangerous and is best left to professionals.

2. Bio-remediation Engineer

A bio-remediation engineer is someone who works to clean up contaminated land or water. It’s an important job that’s crucial to protecting the environment and public health. However, it’s a messy and potentially dangerous job.

You’ll often be out in the field, dealing with poisonous and toxic chemicals. You can wear protective clothing and respirators to protect yourself, but you’ll frequently work in confined spaces and have to get very dirty. You may also have to work with heavy machinery, which can be dangerous.

1. Fly Collector

A fly collector collects flies and other insects for research. While it’s an important job, it’s a job that very few people would want to do. Imagine getting up every day and collecting live flies and other insects. You may have to catch them in traps. You may have to catch them in nets or use sticky traps. It’s a job that most people would gladly avoid. These people whose jobs you will never want to do may make you worry about what you’ll be doing in ten years. While you may not be able to avoid some of these jobs, you can take comfort in the fact that they may not be around in a few years. With technology always improving, these jobs may soon be a thing of the past.