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Side Hustle Idea: Creating Content for busy CEOs

Are you looking for side hustle ideas? You’re not alone! There are millions of people who have started their own business but don’t know where to start.

Side Hustle Idea Creating Content for busy CEOs - Startup Library

Who want to leverage their socials but lack the time.

I’ve found my inspiration for this hustle in Dave Gerhardts Patreon (DGMG)

In it, he dropped his vision on the right way to create content for your business.

He said something along the lines of “The best way to create valuable content is to sit down with your CEO or founder and pick their brain. Use this information to create articles for your business.”

Founders or CEOs often lack time to sit down and write.

I’ve translated this in-house marketing strategy into a side hustle you can start about 1000 times since there are so many people out there in need of good (personal) content.

The main idea is to schedule interviews with your client (the Founder or CEO) and pick their brain for 30 minutes. Then go and use these insights to write an article and create content they can proudly share on their socials.

From this article, you subtract small snippets, and quotes or you create lists.

Basically you create easy-to-digest content that can be used on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

We focus on LinkedIn primarily but you could use any desired platform. Preferably the one where your client is most active. This is to ensure he gets comfortable engaging when traction starts to pick up in the future.

We schedule 2 of these interviews per month and create 2 long-form blog posts from them. From the blogs, we subtract around 30 small posts that we use to post daily.

This concept is borrowed from Gary Vee. You can check his whole process right here.

We use Notion to send our clients all the work we’ve made. They can easily adjust the copy we wrote. Change words or sentences to fit their tone of voice. When they are satisfied they simply ‘approve’ the content. This way we know we’ve got a green light to post it.

Our pitch is easy. We manage your LinkedIn and all it takes is 1 hour a month. For that, we keep your profile active every day of the week.

This method ensures that the content is of high quality, thus establishing a strong online position of the company’s leader.

We’ve outsourced the interviewing and copywriting to a journalist. The snippet content subtraction is easy if you receive a well-written and structured article.

The same could be done if your client prefers video. Prepare the setting and record the interview. Then disappear and edit.

A big plus of video is that you could even use the audio for a podcast and the transcriptions for blogs and small text-based posts.

Feel free to run with it.

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