Side-Hustle Idea for Designers who Struggle to Sign Clients

Graphic design is a perfect way to make a living remote. If you like to explore the world AND make money it’s perfect. I’ve worked with a lot of designers throughout my life and I recognize the struggle of signing clients or even worst, selling clients your work.

If you are a designer who struggles to get work or if you struggle to create the artwork you would love to see then I’ve got a different approach you should take into consideration. The other way around, if you’re a possible client with a little knowledge of Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator with a small budget this article has some gems for you as well.

Let me start with the basics. In order for the hustle to work, you have to know your way around designing. And if you want to profit from the low-cost hack you need to know your way around Photoshop. If not then this article just isn’t for you.

An easy side-hustle for designers

I identify myself as a hustler. In my need to get an easy but well-designed flyer to test a different marketing idea, I turned to Graphic River is part of Envato. Basically, you can buy all kinds of templates on this website. Flyers, Instagram feeds, Webshops, Logo’s, Promo videos. Everything you need to get you started online.

I bought a good-looking flyer template for 4$. While doing so my focus shifted to the additional info which stated: “334 customers bought this template and rated it 4.8 out of 5”.

Wait….., What?

This particular flyer has grossed 1336$!

Now I don’t know the fee Envato is charging, but I also don’t know of any designers that earn these numbers from a single flyer design.

Basically, the easy hack ends here. Create your stuff, and sell it as adjustable templates on Envato. If you want to learn some different approaches keep reading.

A different approach for designers

If you already have work but struggle to sign those fulfilling projects that really make your heart pound faster here is a different way you can use Envato. Just create the whole packages and sell them online.

Do you have the perfect idea for a coffee place or store? Design it. Create a logo, create banners for Facebook, Pinterest, and Google My Business. Create a satisfying Instagram feed with 18 adjustable posts.

Whatever you feel your perfect store needs, create it. You can sell all elements separately but also as a whole. The Coffee-place digital starter pack.

This mindset shift tackles your fulfilment needs and possibly generates some passive income as well.

You can even get out there and walk into the physical shop you feel needs your magic tough and try to sell it to them as a whole. Whatever you’re comfortable with.

A resource for hustlers with a low budget

If you’re a hustler like me you will love the webshops Envato has. I’ve launched complete webshops for 50$ and 2 days of work. I’ve ‘designed’ flyers and posts for 4$ and 30 minutes of editing. If an idea I had doesn’t work after all, then my initial investment is low so I feel comfortable just pulling the plug.

Testing your ideas is a whole different topic I will dive in deeper another time. But you’ll get the point. Instead of going all-in, start with an easy test. If your webshop starts selling, or your customers start reaching out, you can always search for a badass designer and have them optimize your hustle for the best results.

To sum it up

If you struggle to find clients then bring your stuff to the places where clients are already looking. If you struggle to find fulfilling work then stop looking and just create it. It’s called risk reversal. Create the work, then show it to the client. And if you got a badass idea but no budget, go find those hustlers I’ve just described and buy their stuff.

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