Elevate Your Side Gig: 11 Trend-Spotting Secrets for Success

To stay ahead and innovative in your side hustle, leveraging current trends is crucial. Here are a few resources where you can discover trends relevant to your industry:

1. Leverage New Apps

Gary Vee talks about looking at the top 100 apps in the app store on a Daily basis. What’s new, what’s rising fast? How can you utalize this rising star for your own business?

2. Google Trends

This tool allows you to see the latest trends, data, and visualizations from Google. It’s a great way to understand what people are searching for and how those trends change over time. You can search by keyword or topic to see related trends in your industry.


3. Trend Hunter

Trend Hunter is the world’s largest, most popular trend community. It provides insights and trends across different industries, including technology, design, and business. It’s an excellent resource for finding cutting-edge ideas and innovations.


4. Reddit

Subreddits related to your industry can be goldmines for trends and discussions. Users often share the latest news, ideas, and developments. Look for subreddits that match your side hustle. Join the conversations in them.

5. Twitter (X)

Follow industry leaders, influencers, and hashtags relevant to your side hustle. Twitter is often where news breaks first. It’s great for keeping your finger on the pulse of what’s trending in your field.

6. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is not just for networking. It’s also a great resource for industry news and trends. Follow companies and thought leaders in your sector. Join groups related to your side hustle for insights and discussions.

7. Industry-Specific Blogs and News Sites

It depends on your side hustle. However, there may be key websites and blogs that are go-to resources for the latest trends and news. Identify these for your industry and make it a habit to check them regularly.

Find your related blog right here:


8. Podcasts and Webinars:

Many experts share their insights through podcasts and webinars. Find ones that focus on your industry or the broader market trends and subscribe to them. They can provide valuable insights and ideas you can apply to your side hustle.

Looking for great side hustle and business ideas? Check out the My First Million podcast:


9. Pinterest

Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration and trending ideas for creative industries. Use it to see what’s popular in areas related to your side hustle, such as design, fashion, home decor, or DIY projects.

10. YouTube

Many industry experts and influencers use YouTube to share trends, tutorials, and insights. Find channels that cover your side hustle area and subscribe to stay updated.

YouTube hack: When you search for your topic click “Filters” at the right of the search bar. Limit results to the past month or even week and sort on views or ratings. This not only gives you the best-performing content but also many new ideas.

11. Newsletters:

Subscribe to newsletters from leading industry websites, professional organizations, or influencers. They often pick out the most important trends, news, and insights. This saves you time in research.

The Hustle and Trends are perfect examples:

Subscribe to The Hustle

Subscribe to Trends

Spending time each day exploring these resources can give you much information on current trends. You can use this information in your side hustle.

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