How to Add Stunning Value and Be More Influential

The video by Brendon Burchard below shares several key lessons on how to enhance your value and influence in your network. Here’s a summary of the main points:

  1. Be Socratic: Enhance your value by asking better questions. Understanding situations deeply allows you to make distinctions and add value effectively. For instance, in meetings, consider goals and audience. Also, think about roles, capabilities, and measurements. This will help you understand how to contribute meaningfully.
  2. Understand the Framework: In any situation, grasp the goals, audience, capabilities, and measurements. Knowing these aspects helps you ask the right questions. It lets you add value by clarifying goals. You can understand the stakeholders and see the team’s abilities.
  3. Be the Connector: Be a key link in your network by connecting people with those who can aid them in achieving their objectives. Remember people’s skills. Introduce them to relevant contacts. This can greatly boost your value.
  4. Contribute Distinctly and Excellently: Before finalizing any project or contribution, evaluate if it is unique, exceptional, and has a personal touch. Ensure your contributions stand out, meet high standards, and connect emotionally with others.
  5. Bring Back Humanity: In today’s tech-driven world, standing out means adding humanity, emotion, and vibrancy to your work. This approach sets you apart. It also makes you a leader and an inspirer in your network.
  6. Feel Alive: Consistently adding value in these ways not only enhances your network and career but also revitalizes your sense of purpose and engagement in your work and interactions.

Implementing these strategies can greatly increase your influence and the value you bring to your network. This leads to deeper connections, career advancement, and personal fulfillment. Check the full video out below:

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